Science Experiment

My daughter is so interested in the world around her. She has created her own Science Blog (THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAS COMMENTED ON IT FOR SUPPORT & ENCOURAGEMENT !!!)

Here is a little video of the ‘gloop’ we made. This video brings her to tears – from laughing so hard.
Awwww … the humour of a 7 year old!

All the steps are photographed and will be blogged (similar to numerous food blogs.) We are having so much fun doing this project together. (Her teacher even shared it with the class – with permission of course.) Being a mom is so much fun (yes, it is a lot of work too – but it is soooooo worth it!)

One Response to “Science Experiment”

  1. Kyla Feschuk says:

    Apparently there is a class in Leduc that also follows the science blog!

    The ‘kid’ gets more comments than I do!

    – OK, OK, I KNOW I need to dedicate more time/effort into this gallery & blog, it is just that current work and enjoying life gets in the way! I KNOW you will understand & forgive me 😉



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