Knowledge Comes in Handy! – Share!

Always, always, always learn and explore … and share … there is so much to learn and so many interesting people to meet.

I just finished reading a few articles on photography and thought to mention the session I partook in last week. Here is a link to a shot the instructors took of us in class (scroll down past Calgary.)
– do you see me?
The 4 hours sped past. I always come away with some jem and this seminar was no exception.

*As you probably know, the month of April finds me in numerous classrooms taking portraits for personal Mothers Day projects. I changed the way I did things this year because of what I learned at a previous session – that silly & effective [b] way of shooting came in handy! We all were laughing and having fun and it was so quick! Today I was totally in the groove & took photos of 47 students in an hour! The smiles were genuine and it was fun for everyone!

So, awhile back I was invited to talk to a wonderful class of grade 4’s. They were going on a week-long learning adventure the following week.

Well, when I came back earlier this week (to do portraits) I noticed their bulletin board display in the hall. I mentioned what I liked about their images to the individual students — but — it was not until I was editing out their names (for this post) that I actually read them. They mention perspective, angles, zooming in … concepts that I discussed (& we all actually practiced holding our elbows in while taking a picture – for stabilization & THEY REMEMBERED !!!) … yes, I teared up.

So, keep learning and sharing what you have learned and are passionate about – whether you are a chef, interior designer, teacher or photographer.


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