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Have you ever considered just how wonderful & efficient it would be if a Doctor could prescribe activity instead of just medication? It would be taken more seriously by the patient and be covered (check with facilities.) Well, Primary Care Network has launched just that! Nine Primary Care Network communities are involved including Edmonton, Ft. Saskatchewan, Devon, Beaumont, St. Albert, Sherwood Park and Leduc in ‘Prescription To Get Active‘.

I photographed the official launch of the program which was held at the gorgeous Don Wheaton YMCA.

edmonton event photographer Feschuk Photography

There was a lot of media covering the well attended launch. TV, radio and bloggers all reporting on this momentous program.

edmonton event photography Feschuk Photography

Dr. Justin Balko (President, Leduc Beaumont Devon Primary Care Network) discussed the value for the community. Here is an article about Dr. Balko and the program.
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Associate Minister Dave Rodney (Associate Minister of Wellness – Government of Alberta) also gave a speech of the importance of this program.
dave rodney - wellness - governmanet of Alberta - Feschuk Photography

After speeches, the media enjoyed capturing dignitaries (Dr. Justin Balko and patient Regine Gross) riding stationary bikes and interviews (Global Edmonton’s Su-Ling Goh with Nick Parkinson – the president and CEO YMCA of Northern Alberta.)
edmonton event photography
nick parkinson -  su-ling goh -  feschuk photography

Here is one of the many news coverages from the event: Global Edmonton.

prescription to get active

2 Responses to “Prescription To Get Active – Primary Care Network – Edmonton Event Photography”

  1. Christina says:

    Thank you so much for covering this event for us Kyla and the wonderful (as always) photography! It was a great day and launch and the program will continue to grow in popularity because of this launch and all the great partnerships created!
    – Christina

  2. Kyla Feschuk says:

    It was an honour to cover it Christina. I am certain the program will be highly successful.


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